What are the best times to travel to Indonesia?

What are the best times to travel to Indonesia?


Best times to visit Indonesia

For a long time, Indonesia has only had two seasons, wet and dry. But then climate change with cities like El Niño and La Niña turned the weather on its head. These days, with unpredictable weather conditions, it can be a little more difficult to decide exactly where I should go to have perfect weather, so hence the question \”when should I go to Indonesia?\”

Of course, there are more factors than just the weather. Many travelers are interested in the best time to get a perfect wave, climb a volcano, or see whales and sharks. And for some, it\’s all about beach parties, colorful festivals, or avoiding the crowds.

There is a lot to consider, so in this report, you will find everything you want. Whether you are here for surfing, sand, jungle, or great festivals, here is our guide on the best times to visit Indonesia.

The high season (July – August, Christmas, and New Year) is the best time for great weather and beach parties

Indonesia\’s high season falls during the great period of July and August when perfect sunny weather coincides with European summer holidays and Australian winters, resulting in increased tourism across the archipelago. If you don\’t mind crowds, this is a lively time to visit. Bali and Lombok are especially pumped up, with beaches and bars crammed. This is also a good time for trekking, surfing, diving, and wild outdoor adventures in most areas, except for West Papua and Maluku, which see heavy rain in July and August.

But with all the fun come the downsides of crowded surfing, crowded attractions, crowded paths, and choking traffic, not to mention the high prices for rooms and airfare. To avoid paying the highest rates, you\’ll need to pre-book months in advance.

The high season (March – June, and September – November) is the best time to enjoy nature

With its winning combination of great weather, low tourist numbers, and low prices, peak season periods at either end of the high season are our favorite times to visit Indonesia. Although you might get some rain (especially in March and November), you\’ll likely see nothing but great sunshine.

Everything seems to be perfect at this point. The waves are calm, and divers head out in search of popular visitors like whale sharks and the mola (sunfish), which congregate from June to September. Peak seasons are also great times to climb Indonesia\’s volcanoes, providing conditions for long treks without the throngs of tourists.

The low season (January – February) is the best time for low prices

Rainy season – two words a tourist never wants to hear, especially those hoping for sun, surf, and sand. However, while Indonesia is undeniably humid at this time, and you are likely to experience some weather fluctuations, the rainy season doesn\’t mean it will wind down throughout your trip. Instead, expect a short, heavy rain, before the blue skies appear again and the sun begins to shine again like never before.

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