The best experiences and tourism activities in the fifth largest desert in the world

The best experiences and tourism activities in the fifth largest desert in the world


Covering 648,090 square miles of southern Chile and Argentina, Patagonia offers more than anyone can explore in a lifetime.

This vast, sparsely populated, and simply stunning region includes virgin forests; The snow-clad Andean rocks that line the dividing line between the two countries; Countless glacial lakes, and vast expanses of pampas (grasslands). Most of Patagonia\’s tourist attractions are external – from epic road trips and multi-day excursions to glaciers, prehistoric art, and penguin colonies – and therefore depend on the weather and season, so choose the best time to go according to your interests.

Here are some of the unmissable Patagonia experiences.

Why Now is the Best Time to Look for Penguins in Patagonia (and Other Great Times to Visit)

Hike in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Arguably South America\’s best national park, Chile\’s 1,124-square-mile Torres del Paine is defined by the distinctive bell-shaped Los Cuernos and the peaks of the Trident of Las Torres itself. Puma, Guanaco, and Condor are frequent sights, and a well-developed infrastructure allows hikers to experience mountains, lakes, vast glaciers, and dense forests along two of the park\’s hiking tours in relative comfort. Whether you\’re hiking the four-day, 43-mile \”W\” that highlights the park\’s highlights (Glacier Gray, French Valley, and Las Torres), or the 70-mile, 7- to 10-day \”Circle\” Which includes a half loop in the countryside as well as the highlights, you can either camp along the way, hike from the hut to the shelter, or a combination of the two.

Note that since hiking permits and accommodations are limited, you need to make arrangements months in advance of high season (December to February).

Go and discover the wildlife in Península Valdés, Argentina

An easy day trip from Puerto Madryn in southern Argentina, this 2,236 square mile UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its wildlife, including more than 180 species of seabirds. Highlights include a boat trip from the village of Puerto Pirámides in search of the endangered Ballena Franca austral (southern right whale) that comes here to breed from June onwards and can be spotted – sometimes even from shore – until mid-December. If you stay inland, cross the narrow isthmus and follow the gravel roads along the shoreline to discover a huge colony of sea lions from the cliffs at Ponta Delgada.

Drive Carretera Austral, Chile

The so-called \”Southern Highway\” is Chile\’s most famous route, which cuts a 745-mile route through the remote Aysén region and its almost untouched landscapes of dense forests, snowy peak mountains, volcanoes, and isolated pioneer settlements, glaciers, and misty. Fjords. Much of the southern section remains unpaved; This – along with other challenges such as lack of phone signal between cities, occasional landslides, inclement weather, and waiting for car ferries connecting parts of the road.

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