Son equals Ronaldo\’s record in 13 minutes

 Son equals Ronaldo\’s record in 13 minutes


Tottenham\’s South Korean star Son Heung-min regained his Premier League brilliance today, Saturday, after scoring 3 goals (hat-tricks) against Leicester City in the eighth round of the tournament.

Son, who started the match from the bench, entered the 59th minute and scored 3 goals in 13 minutes until the 86th minute in the 73rd minute.

According to the Opta statistics network, Son became the first Tottenham player to score as a reserve (hat-trick) in the English Premier League and the first overall tournament goal scorer since Stephen Naismith\’s match against Chelsea in September 2015.

As for the \”Square\” network for statistics, he noted that Son Adel scored 3 goals against Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo, who preceded the Korean star who scored 3 goals in one match in the Premier League.

Son, who shared the Premier League top scorer title with Mohamed Salah last season, failed to score in the current season\’s competition before facing Leicester today.

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