Qatar vs Canada Highlights

 Qatar vs Canada Highlights


The Qatari team lost to its Canadian counterpart (0-2), this evening at the Viola Stadium in the Austrian capital Vienna, as part of the two teams’ preparations for the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18 the next two.

The goals of the Canadian national team were scored by Sail Lauren and David Jonathan in the 4th and 13th minutes.

The match came at a mediocre level. The Canadian team dominated most of its periods in the first half, started with great force, and scored two goals in the first 13 minutes, while the Qatari team entered the match poorly and paid the price for it at the beginning.

After that, the Qatari team tried to cohesion and organized more than one attack on the goal of its Canadian counterpart, some of which posed a real danger.

The two teams exchanged control throughout matters in the second half, although the Canadian team excelled sometimes, but not as dangerous as in the first half.

The match comes within a camp that the Qatari national team is currently playing in Austria, during which it will play a second match next Tuesday against Chile, during the current international break.

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