Not just a dream.. The world\’s first hotel in space will open in 2027

Not just a dream.. The world\’s first hotel in space will open in 2027


The race to get humans to travel to the planets has been going on for more than a hundred years now. With rockets being launched at the Moon almost daily, humans have continued to make progress in this quest to conquer extraterrestrial places. With a space hotel now preparing to open in space, one could say the world is one step closer to making humans travel to other planets. Without further ado, here\’s what you need to know about this hotel that is literally out of this world.

About the world\’s first space hotel

Name: Voyager Station

Location: Space

Suggested opening date: 2027

Space tourism has come a long way from simply launching rockets into orbit. Now willing people can book a hotel night in space, spend a night in the Milky Way and wonder if they\’re dreaming. Imagine that you are standing by the window in a room and being able to see stars and a giant planet for humans. It\’s a dream come true.

This spacious hotel is the brainchild of Orbital Assembly Corporation – a leading space company that aims to make space more accessible to more people. Construction of this hotel is scheduled to begin by 2026, while the hotel is said to be ready for commercial reservations in 2027. It is estimated that the value of building this hotel will be in the tens of billions.

Voyager Station is unique in many ways. In addition to being the first hotel in outer space, this hotel also features unique architecture. The architecture of the hotel is expected to feature a massive circular building of 200 meters in length. The circular frame is expected to simulate the level of artificial gravity on Mars.

Amenities and accommodations

Voyager Station comes with everything needed to make guests as comfortable as they can be in the hotel. With the hotel featuring amenities like – a restaurant, gymnasium, bar, leisure center, and places to relax, this hotel is a resort. Hotels usually serve foods well known to the area, and at Voyager Station, guests will eat food from space which is simply food produced for consumption in outer space. This is because not all food is good for space-eating due to lack of gravity, altered taste and smell, and other factors. Over time, the hotel will improve its menu to accommodate most of the foods served in hotels around the world.

The company also aims to entertain guests, in particular by inviting top artists from all over the world to perform their daily performances in the space hotel. With this in mind, one might have to look forward to the first singer to make it out there. Company executives already mentioned Beyoncé when they talked about the entertainment plan, and she might be the first to be there. No matter which artist goes there first, the idea is that visitors should expect some kind of high-quality entertainment when they\’re at the hotel.

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