Normal fetal heart rate during pregnancy

Normal fetal heart rate during pregnancy


How do you know that the heart rate of the fetus is normal? This question accompanies the pregnant woman since the first day of pregnancy, although she enjoys hearing the heartbeat every month.

What you will read in this article may surprise you, as most mothers are not ready to believe how fast a baby\’s heart beats during pregnancy. In any case, read on and learn in detail about the fetus\’s heart rate over the nine months.

A fetal heart rate change

A fetus\’s heart rate during pregnancy is faster than an adult\’s heart rate. The normal heart rate of a fetus changes during pregnancy and throughout the day as follows:

Fetal heartbeat throughout pregnancy

The fetus\’s heart begins to beat when you are 5 weeks pregnant. At this stage, the normal fetal heart rate is the same as the mother\’s heart rate, i.e. between 80 to 85 beats per minute. Beat rates will increase about three beats per minute per day for the first month. This development has a benefit, as your doctor can use your heart rate to help determine your baby\’s gestational age via ultrasound.

By the beginning of the ninth week of pregnancy, a normal fetal heart rate is 175 beats per minute. At this point, it begins to slow down rapidly to a normal fetal heart rate in mid-pregnancy, around 120 to 180 beats per minute. There is also a slowdown in the normal heart rate of the fetus in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Fetal heartbeat during the day

A normal fetal heart rate will also vary naturally throughout the day and night, just as your heart rate changes. Movement, sleep, and other activities can cause normal variation. Be sure to talk to your doctor about any concerns you have about your baby\’s heart rate.

If you\’re going to have a non-stress test towards the end of your pregnancy, you can hear the fluctuations. The heart rate rises and falls within a certain normal range. Imagine what it would be like if you had a constant hunch of your heart rate as you started exercising and then relaxed. Your heart rate will rise and fall, and your baby will also have the same reaction.

Finally, when you first hear the heartbeat, you may worry that something is wrong because it sounds very different from what you might be used to hearing. Rest assured, it will likely be normal. Ask your doctor for advice if you are concerned, through the ultrasound you will discover amazing facts about the fetus in your tummy.

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