Morocco vs Chile Highlights

Morocco vs Chile Highlights


The Moroccan national team defeated Chile (2-0), in a friendly match that brought them together this Friday evening, in Comilla El Prat, Barcelona.

The match began with the possession of the Moroccan team, which pressed from the beginning, especially from the right, through Ziyech and Hakimi.


Al-Nusairi was alone with the goalkeeper, but the latter successfully tackled him, and Dari almost scored from a header, but his ball passed by the goal.

Chile\’s most dangerous chance came from striker David Bebono, but the ball hit the post.

At the beginning of the second half, Hakimi scored a goal from a mistake kick, but the referee rejected it, due to offside.

In the 60th minute, Vidal shot from outside the box, but the crossbar returned his ball.

After 5 minutes, the referee awarded a penalty kick, after the ball touched the hand of a Chilean player, from which Buval scored the first goal.

In the 77th minute, Al-Sabri scored the second goal with a powerful shot.

The Lions team continued to dominate, especially after the entry of distinguished substitutes, such as Abu and Zalzoli.

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