Magic diet lose 6 kg in a week

 Magic diet lose 6 kg in a week


To have a slim and harmonious body, we must have a strong will to get rid of excess weight – within a short period for some reason – as many diets can lose you from 6-8 kilograms in just one week, and given the severity and difficulty of this diet, it is advised not to follow it for more than one week due to its lack of sugar and many of the necessary substances and nutrients for every human being, compared to other diets that get rid of excess weight.

Therefore, it is preferable to consult a specialist or a nutritionist before proceeding with the application of this diet and to participate in determining its duration according to the health status of the person.

Diet for the week to lose 6 kilos of weight

Here are the steps to follow to lose 6 kilos of weight in a week:

the breakfast:

The breakfast in this diet is fixed throughout the week, which is 2 cups of water and a cup of tea or coffee without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The first and second days:


a piece of boiled or grilled beef with a large salad. Dinner: a large salad.

The third and fourth days:


2 boiled eggs with a large plate of salad Dinner: a large salad plate.

Fifth and sixth days:


 125 grams of fat-free yogurt, and 2 cucumbers. Dinner: 2 cucumbers.

the seventh day:


 2 apples or more until full. Dinner: 2 or 3 apples only.

Important notes when following this diet:

You should not eat between meals to get the desired result even in the event of feeling tired or dizzy, which is typical for a lack of sugar and other nutrients. One to three tablespoons of natural bee honey should be taken daily.

Extreme weight loss side effects

When you follow a harsh diet, you may be exposed to some damages, such as [1]

Electrolyte imbalance:

 Electrolytes are essential for the body, and any imbalance in their ratio may lead to danger, such as seizures and irregular heartbeat.


 The sufferer suffers from severe pain with indigestion, as it forms when digestive juices are not released in the gallbladder due to a lack of food to be digested.

Nutritional deficiencies: Excessive weight loss deprives the body of essential nutrients, and a deficiency in some of these nutrients may increase the risk of developing certain health conditions such as anemia.

Loss of muscle mass:

 When losing weight, muscle is also lost, with a low metabolic rate, which leads to an unstable ratio of fat to muscle, and this causes weakness and anxiety in the performance of various daily activities.

A sharp drop in energy levels:

 When you consume insufficient calories, your energy levels will decrease, such as feeling physically tired, cognitive functions may be damaged, and your mood and productivity may be affected.

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