Ivanka Trump and the magic of Morocco

Ivanka Trump and the magic of Morocco


 The visit of Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former US President Donald Trump, to Moroccan cities to spend her summer vacation was widely followed on social media as well as on international news platforms.

Ivana Trump, who was in Morocco with her husband Jared Kushner, published on his page on the social networking site \”Instagram\”, souvenir photos of her, in some Moroccan cities, praising the beauty of the areas she visited.

Where she visited the city of Dakhla in the Moroccan desert, expressing her admiration for its beaches known throughout the world and frequented by fans of surfing.

Ivanka\’s photos received a great reaction from Moroccan activists who welcomed her into the Kingdom, and followers from different parts of the world praised the beauty of Morocco and the generosity of its sons.

From Tangiers to Dakhla

Ivanka\’s flight departed from the \”Bride of the North\” in Tangier, as her plane landed on the morning of Friday, the first of July, at Ibn Battuta International Airport in Tangiers, where she was greeted by a group of civil and military officials. According to Moroccan websites, the arrival of the daughter of the former US president was accompanied by enhanced security measures.

Ivanka Trump published, on her account on \”Instagram\”, pictures documenting her visit to Tangier and then Casablanca, which she immortalized with a picture of the Hassan II Mosque. I also headed towards Dakhla to caress the sand and touch its famous waves.

The daughter of the former US president included the name of Morocco in English with the heart icon as an expression of her happiness to be in the city of Dakhla, which received a great interaction from her followers on her page, considering these tweets as valuable propaganda for tourism in Morocco and explicit support for the sector.

Ivanka also appeared during her visit to the city of Dakhla, lying on the ground and wrapping the sky, wrapped in the desert \”Melhafa\” costume, in a picture that provoked thousands of comments praising the humility and spontaneity of the \”billionaire\’s daughter\”.

International press attention

The British newspaper \”Daily Mail\” published a lengthy report on the visit of Ivanka\’s daughter to the Moroccan Sahara.

The newspaper wrote that \”Ivanka Trump and her husband chose to spend their vacation in the Moroccan desert rather than the American desert of Florida as their place of residence.\”

The newspaper talked about the details of Ivanka\’s trip and her visit to several Moroccan cities and attached the report with several photos, accompanied by her husband, to tourist areas in the Kingdom, such as Tangiers, Marrakesh, Imlil, and Dakhla. During their trip, they performed several activities, including surfing, mountain climbing, and shopping.

For its part, the headline of the Spanish newspaper, “Hola”, published in Madrid: “Ivanka Trump looks ready for the atmosphere of the desert and a romantic trip to Morocco with Jared Kushner,” and added, “The couple explored the area and shared some beautiful pictures on the beach, walking in the desert wearing shorts and sunglasses. black.\”

Ivanka Trump\’s last visit to Morocco was in 2019, and lasted for three days, and included promoting her initiative for women\’s economic development, the \”Women\’s Global Initiative for Development and Prosperity\”, at which time she wore a traditional Moroccan caftan at a royal dinner.

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