Great places to watch sunsets around the world

Great places to watch sunsets around the world


Regardless of the time, there is someone in the world watching the sunset right now. This golden hour is perhaps the most universally beautiful sky show, yet it shines in so many different ways on the face of the planet. Sunsets over mountainous regions look very different from sunsets that highlight the shoreline of a lake, while cloud patterns, air quality, weather, and seasons alter every view, sunsets inspire artists, and national parks inspire competition.

And National Geographic published a report on the best and most impressive sunsets, with thousands of photos of colorful scenes around the world, as a reminder to pause, search and enjoy the nature show. Here are his recommendations to inspire you with great places to watch sunsets around the world.

Hampi, India

It is among the best places to visit, this is one of my favorite places a lot: Hampi, India, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the Anjani Hills, the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. One needs to climb about 570 steps to reach the top and watch the sunset. The place is also very quiet with fewer visitors, where it is possible to sit and enjoy the serene sunset.”

Saskatchewan, Canada

You can travel all over the world and see a lot of beautiful sunset scenes. But you should still see sunsets that beat those in Saskatchewan, Canada. Where they call it \”Land of the Living Heavens\”.

Cap-Ferret, France

Endless dunes and forests. No construction along the coast for miles. The great Pilate dunes, the Argonne sandbars, and the open Atlantic Ocean. Even late misty summer evenings (10 pm!) provide the most beautiful sunsets. You can even catch the dodgy green rays! \”.

Davis Mountains, Texas, United States

One traveler says, “One June evening in West Texas, I was driving from Seattle to Corpus Christi, upset about having to leave the Northwest into what I considered to be a featureless wasteland. Then I entered heaven somewhere near the mountains Davis. A picture of this wonderful sunset. But I have a picture of it in my mind all my days.\”

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

\”The colors are very surreal (sky blue, yellow, pink). On the way to Halong Bay, you feel like you are somewhere in a sea paradise. It is just like a surreal painting of a ship you see somewhere.\”

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Another adds, \”I\’ve been all over the world, and there\’s nothing better than Colorado Springs, Colorado. I take beautiful photos. Every sunset is different.\”

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