Foods that open the appetite without drugs

 Foods that open the appetite without drugs


Sometimes you go through periods of loss of appetite without satisfactory reasons, you may get bored of all kinds of food, especially with the rapid impact of life, you may be exposed to a loss of appetite completely or partially, and in this article, we will learn together about the causes and symptoms of loss of appetite, as well as ways to open appetite Without drugs and foods that open the appetite for a healthy lifestyle.

Foods that open the appetite

Eating is the ideal way to open the appetite, as some foods contribute to opening the appetite greatly, we will list them for you as follows: [1]


Tomatoes are one of the best types of vegetables to open the appetite, because they contain many important vitamins, such as vitamin A, and vitamin B, as well as salts and minerals; such as iron, phosphorous, and calcium; Therefore, it is recommended to eat one tomato daily.


Onions also contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and some minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorous, and it is also a natural cleanser for the intestines.


Spinach is one of the most popular types of leafy vegetables that contribute to opening the appetite, as it contains antioxidants, which contribute to fighting cancerous tumors.


Eggplant is also an appetizer, especially if it is pickled, and it is eaten alongside any type of food, as it opens the appetite.

the Garlic

Garlic is one of the most important appetizing foodstuffs, as it is always found in restaurants next to foods and is included in the composition of salads, and zucchini is considered a low-acid vegetable.

It is preferable to eat a salad that contains all kinds of vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, in addition to a spoonful of olive oil and a little garlic between meals because it contains fibers that nourish the body.

Dates and milk

Dates and milk are foods that help open the appetite, and they can be served to patients with loss of appetite. Because it contains fatty and sugary substances and many vitamins and minerals that open the appetite, it is preferable to eat 7 dates with half a cup of milk half an hour before eating.

fenugreek drink

The fenugreek drink can be prepared by placing a spoonful of fenugreek seeds in water and stirring it over low heat for a quarter of an hour, then sweetening it and eating it before food to open the appetite.

The fenugreek drink has great benefits, especially that those who suffer from a loss of appetite and need nutrients to replace the need of their bodies for minerals and vitamins, as well as to compensate for weight loss.

Anise drink

Anise drink helps improve digestion and helps sleep and relax, as it contains anethole, which contributes to opening the appetite, and it is preferable to take it twice a day before breakfast and dinner.


Lupine is one of the most important foods that contain calcium and phosphorous, so it is one of the most important foods that contribute to opening the appetite and gaining weight to strengthen the body. It is preferable to eat 250 grams per day.

The lupine can be prepared by boiling it and soaking it in water and changing it for two days, then washing the lupine and adding salt, lemon, and hot pepper, as it is one of the strongest appetizers.

Oats, wheat, and barley

You can put oats with wheat and barley in a quantity of water on the fire until full maturity, then add bee honey to the mixture, and eat it once a day to open the appetite or eat oats with milk once in the morning at breakfast.


It is preferable to put a spoonful of thyme on the food provided to any patient who has no appetite; Because it helps to strengthen the immune system, open the appetite, and increase the patient\’s endurance.


Celery is one of the very useful herbs to increase appetite. It contains important vitamins and minerals, and it can be added to foods and soups as a condiment, but it is best to eat it as a leafy vegetable or put it on an omelet or with any type of different foods and salads to open the appetite.


The liver contains iron and some vitamins that are very important to the body, as it contributes to an increasing appetite for those who suffer from loss, and it is preferable to cook it with garlic and onions to further open the appetite.

the fruit

Eating fruits such as avocado, banana, apple, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, and mango, half an hour or an hour before eating, helps in opening the appetite.

Ways to open the appetite without drugs

Several natural ways contribute to opening the appetite for those who suffer from anorexia, without taking medications, as they provide the body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs, the most prominent of which are the following: [2]

Eat a lot of fruits half an hour before eating, because they contain several vitamins that encourage appetite. Determine specific times to eat. Drink acidic drinks such as orange and lemon juice. Incorporating onions and garlic into daily meals contributes to open the appetite. Stay away from sources of inconvenience, tension, and anxiety. Activity and continuous movement because physical exertion encourages a sense of hunger, and it also increases the activity of the body. Add spices and seasonings to foods to help open the appetite. Obtaining psychological counseling from a psychologist and being referred to a nutritionist. Eating jam and honey because it helps to increase the secretion of saliva in the mouth, which increases the secretions of the stomach and opens the appetite. Gradual increase in the amount of food consumed daily. Not drinking water while eating, because it reduces the feeling of hunger, and makes him feel full quickly. Encouraging the patient with anorexia to eat in front of the TV, because it causes the person to wander and eat more than usual.

Causes of loss of appetite

The causes of loss of appetite are due to many psychological and physical factors, including the following: [3]

Anxiety and stress. Suffering from depression. Small stomach size. Take some types of medication.

Symptoms of loss of appetite

There are several symptoms of anorexia, if you notice one or more of them, you should pay attention to your daily eating pattern, so as not to be exposed to the bad side effects of anorexia, which are as follows: [3]

Significant weight loss. Constipation. Skin dryness. Fatigue and general weakness. feeling dizzy Depression and isolated. Hair loss. Reduction of Blood pressure. Low blood sugar level.

Thus, we have explained to you the ways to open the appetite without medication, and the most important types of foods that open the appetite, but it is important first to know the causes of loss of appetite and the symptoms accompanying them to be able to treat this condition in an ideal manner.

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