Don\’t Throw Away that Empty Can – Recycle

Don\’t Throw Away that Empty Can – Recycle

The typical American consumes 2.5 cans of soda or other beverages every day. Each can is worth approximately 1 cent. whenever we throw away an empty can rather than recycling it, we discard more than just a penny. Recycling has many benefits beyond the spare change that a bag of cans could obtain at an area recycling center.

Recycling aluminum can conserve energy. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the principles of waste management. Recycling is taking an old used product at the top of its life cycle, and reworking it into new useable material. a second-hand can will be recycled and back on the shelf with new liquid in 60 days. None of the cans is wasted and 100% of the can are going to be recycled. it\’s possible to recycle cans over and over again. there\’s no limit to the number of times that aluminum can be reprocessed.

The recycling process is straightforward. The old cans are stripped of their labeling and décor and broken into tiny chip-size pieces. Those pieces are then mixed and melted with new aluminum. the mixture of old and new aluminum is fed to a mill which rolls it out and reduces the thickness. The aluminum is coiled and sent to can manufacturers who shape the aluminum into cans and lids. it\’s then sent to the beverage manufacturers to be filled. New non-recycled aluminum cans are made up of bauxite ore. 4 plenty of ore is required to make 1 ton of aluminum.

Recycling takes 95% of the energy it takes to supply a brand new can from raw materials. Twenty recycled cans take the identical amount of energy that 1 new can takes. A recycled can saves enough energy to burn a 100-watt light bulb for 3.5 hours. Recycling 7 can keep that light bulb going for the whole day. Discarding an empty can is equivalent to throwing away half a can of gasoline.

The benefits of recycling cans are numerous. the foremost obvious benefit is the conservation of natural resources. The energy savings mentioned above also are beneficial. Recycling cuts down on pollution produced by the manufacturing of new aluminum cans. The benefits recycling has for charitable organizations are often overlooked. The recycling industry pays out over 800 million dollars for used empty aluminum cans. Money is often raised by recycling cans to fund charity projects. Habitat for Humanity is one charity that funds many of its housing projects from money raised from recycling aluminum cans. Cans for Habitat may be a partnership between the Aluminum Association and Habitat. This program has been around for 10 years. Over 600 Habitat affiliates collect cans to boost money to build homes.

There are several ways to donate cans for recycling. Curbside pickup is out there in many cities. Schools, churches, or work may have recycling bins handy. Charities like Habitat accept donations of cans. Recycling centers will purchase bags of cans supported weight. With numerous options available, there\’s no good excuse not to recycle cans.

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