Cadiz vs Barcelona 4−0- All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts – 2022

 Cadiz vs Barcelona 4−0- All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts – 2022


The referee of the Barcelona-Cadiz match, which is currently underway, in the fifth round of La Liga, decided to stop playing because one of the fans had a health crisis.
The players demanded the referee stop the match and began moving to treat the injured in the stands of the \”Ramon de Carranza\” stadium.
The medical devices of both teams, other than the ambulance crew, rushed to the stadium to rescue the injured, while Jeremias Ledesma, the goalkeeper of Cadiz, appeared, transporting the first aid kit to the stand where the fan was being treated.
Concern appeared on the players of both teams on the field, and prayers began with the players and the fans present for the injured.
Press reports indicate that one of the fans suffered a heart attack and was treated with electric shocks.
The referee decided to stop the match and leave the field, pending a final decision on the fate of the match.
The match was stopped at the 82nd minute, and the result indicates that Barcelona advanced with two goals without a response, scored by Frenkie de Jong and Robert Lewandowski.

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