Benzema leads Real Madrid to a valuable victory over Espanyol

 Benzema leads Real Madrid to a valuable victory over Espanyol


Real Madrid continued their exciting victories after they brought down Espanyol at home (3-1) in a deadly time, today, Sunday, during a match that brought the two teams together in the third round of the Spanish League.

Real\’s goals were scored by Vinicius Junior and Karim Benzema \”double\” in the 12th, 88th, and 90+10 minutes, while Joselo scored Espanyol\’s only goal in the 44th minute.

With this result, Real scored the full mark by reaching the ninth point, to sit on the throne of the standings, equal with Real Betis, while Espanyol\’s balance froze at one point in 16th place.

The first 10 minutes witnessed absolute control of the royal team without posing any danger to the goal of the owners of the land.

From the first opportunity in the match, Vinicius scored the goal for the visitors after receiving a through pass from Chuamini, to meet it with a direct touch into the net.

Vinicius penetrated again into the penalty area, trying to put a falling ball over goalkeeper Lecomte, but the latter turned it into a corner.

Vinicius continued his attempts after receiving a cross pass from the right side, and the ball reached him inside the penalty area before setting it up for himself and trying to put it in the far corner, but his attempt missed the goal.

The Catalan team was close to hitting Courtois with the first dangerous chance after a cross from a corner, which was met by defender Cabrera with a strong header, but the ball passed next to the post.

A few seconds later, Espanyol managed to equalize the score through Joselo, whose shot was saved by Courtois, before the ball rebounded to him and directed into the net before the end of the first half.

The first minutes of the second half almost resulted in a second goal for Espanyol through Joselo again after he directed a missile shot from the center of the penalty area, which Courtois saved brilliantly.

Real launched a quick counter-attack through substitute Camavinga, who eventually passed it to Benzema on the edge of the penalty area, so that the latter prepared it for himself and fired a shot at the farthest corner, but the Espanyol goalkeeper had it on the lookout.

Benzema received a through pass from Alaba, to receive it and hit the bird, to override his crossbar before his presence was found to be offside.

Camavinga launched a quick attack with an individual effort before reaching the Espanyol penalty area and firing a shot that hit the defense, rebounding to Kroos, who met it with a cross pass, which Benzema met with a direct touch into the net, but the assistant indicated that the latter was in offside.

Merengue continued his attempts at the Catalan goal until he realized what he wanted two minutes before the end of the original time through a cross sent by Rodrygo towards Benzema, who rose with his foot and directed the ball into the net, scoring the goal of the deadly advance for the visitors.

In the added time, Rodrygo managed to add the third goal for Real, after he received a ball from Ceballos while the goalkeeper went out of his net, to put the ball into the net.

But the match referee canceled the goal because the Brazilian winger slipped the moment the ball came out of Ceballos\’ feet, which was supported by the video technology.

Nevertheless, the \”mouse\” proved a violation in favor of Ceballos before passing the ball, after he received a blow from the Espanyol goalkeeper on the edge of the penalty area so that the referee awarded a violation in favor of the guests and issued a red card in the face of Lecomte.

Defender Cabrera was forced to wear gloves, to compensate for the departure of goalkeeper Lecomte after running out of all the substitutions, but he failed to deal with the kick taken by Benzema and scored his second and third goal for his team, confirming his precious victory.

Espanyol vs Real Madrid 1-3 – Extеndеd Hіghlіghts & All Gоals

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