Benefits of sesame oil for the body

 Benefits of sesame oil for the body


Sesame oil is one of the natural oils that has proven its great role in providing benefits to the body, skin, and hair at the same time, so it has been widely used recently in preparing home recipes to take advantage of the highest levels of this oil,

Sesame oil

Sesame oil is one of the types of natural oils extracted from sesame seeds, and it is commonly used in Asian cuisine. It is one of the cold-pressed oils away from chemicals or any heat source completely; Which makes the nutritional value in its composition very high; Thus, it brings great benefits to the body.

Benefits of sesame oil for the body   

Several recent studies have proven that sesame oil has provided many benefits to the body that were not previously observed, and the most important of these benefits are the following:

Oil-rich in antioxidants, sesame oil provides the body with an abundant amount of antioxidants, as it slows down cell damage caused by free radicals, and prevents the accumulation of the latter, which protects against infections and diseases.

Prevention of infections in all its forms, due to the high levels of anti-inflammatory properties in its composition, as it is used in the treatment of dental pain, joint infections, and others.

A rich source of unsaturated fats, so it is beneficial and healthy for the heart due to the abundance of omega-6, and omega-3 fatty acids in its composition.

Stabilization of sugar levels in the bloodstream, so it is useful for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Accelerate the healing and healing of burns and wounds,

Enjoy a quiet sleep, sesame oil calms the nerves and facilitates sleep, so it is prescribed to everyone who suffers from insomnia.

Enhance the strength and durability of the immune system  

Efficiently resisting free radicals, because sesame oil contains vitamin E and an effective phytosterol.

Effective treatment for stress and depression combats these feelings by supplying the body with the amino acid tyrosine, which in turn enhances the body\’s ability to secrete serotonin to combat depression.

Benefits of sesame oil for the skin   

As for the benefits of using sesame oil for the skin in home recipes; The most notable are the following:

Preventing and resisting acne, due to its light texture that is effective in preventing clogging of pores, and treating infections thanks to the anti-acne properties in its formula.

Regeneration of skin cells prevents oxidation  

Treating skin burns and accelerating their recovery. 

Treatment of hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by direct exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Preventing skin irritation and preventing rashes and redness, due to the abundance of antimicrobials in its composition.

Exfoliation of the skin and rid the skin of dead cells.

Benefits of sesame oil for hair    

Sesame oil has also penetrated preparing hair recipes to take care of it and enhance its health. Among the most important benefits of sesame oil for hair are:

Preventing hair loss, by supplying hair follicles with necessary fatty acids such as omega 3, and omega 6.

Rich source of essential nutrients for hair strength, including vitamin A, and minerals such as iron, copper, manganese, zinc, and more.

Moisturizing hair and getting rid of annoying dryness.

Promote the health of the scalp by supplying it with the necessary acids such as palmitic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, and others.

Sterilizing the scalp and preventing infections, making the hair follicles stronger.

Accelerate hair growth in bald spots.

A radical solution to the dilemma of hair loss.

Give hair unprecedented shine and strength.

The best way to consume sesame oil  

There are many ways to benefit from sesame oil for the body, as follows: [6]

Cooking: Sesame oil is one of the best natural oils for cooking and frying in general. It can also be added to salads to enhance the benefit. In this case, it provides the body with an abundance of vitamin E, vitamin K, iron, calcium, zinc, fiber, protein, and others.

Improve breathing: Sesame oil can be relied on to sterilize the nose with high efficiency, putting only two drops in the nostrils enhances the breathing process.

Treatment of dark circles, applying simple drops of sesame oil to the area around the eyes promotes blood circulation, and in this case, it treats dark circles.

Topical application on the skin, to benefit from sesame oil the skin, can be applied topically directly to the skin, as it is considered effective in eliminating signs of aging, aging, burns, and others.

Uses of sesame oil for hair. You can gently massage the scalp with sesame oil, and keep it on the hair for 25 minutes before rinsing the hair with warm water and the appropriate shampoo for it. It can also be mixed with other types of natural oils to benefit more from almond oil, for example. Sesame oil mixtures can also be prepared. for gray.

Sesame oil side effects   

Despite the safe aspects achieved by the use of sesame oil for the body, hair, and skin, it is necessary to identify the possible side effects of this: [6]

allergic reaction

Allergic reactions are to be expected when used in excess; Thus, symptoms of dizziness and difficulty breathing appear, for example, when hypersensitivity occurs, in which case it is necessary to stop or moderate its use.


Despite the amazing benefits of sesame, it may reduce the body\’s resistance in cases of excessive consumption, which results in a drop in blood glucose levels.


Sesame oil is a natural oil full of fiber, so its excessive consumption may be a cause of appendicitis, as these fibers are insoluble.


Sesame oil can be a cause of weight gain, due to the difficulty in digesting the insoluble fiber in its composition for the stomach, which impedes the digestion process in general; Hence gaining weight.

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