Benefits of salt for the feet with the correct method of use

 Benefits of salt for the feet with the correct method of use


A person’s comfort begins with his feet, and to enjoy clean and smooth feet, foot salt must be used in a pedicure routine. In the following article, we show you the benefits of salt for the feet, the right way to use.

Benefits of salt for the feet  

Epsom salt is a natural blend of magnesium and sulfate, a salt that is different from table salt and has been used for hundreds of years as a healing agent and pain reliever. Today, it is often added to hot baths and foot soaks to reduce stress. The magnesium in Epsom salt is only minimally absorbed through the skin, and there is no scientific evidence yet showing that it increases magnesium levels in the body. But salt can relieve pain associated with infection, which may be beneficial for foot health. Proponents claim that in addition to reducing pain symptoms and promoting healing, Epsom salt can be dissolved in warm water to relieve gout pain, eliminate odor and help treat an infection. More research is needed to support these claims, and their benefits include: [1]

1. Treatment of fungal infection

Epsom salt has been used to treat wounds and infections, but caution is advised as it can also irritate the wound. While it does not cure the infection, Epsom salt can be used to get rid of the infection and soften the skin to help enhance the effects of the medications. An Epsom soak can be used to support the action of the medications your doctor has prescribed. Before using this treatment, discuss your options with your doctor. Some infections, such as staph infections, are also made worse by hot water or a salt mixture. For fungal infections of the feet or toenails, soak your feet twice daily for about 20 minutes. Consider adding tea tree oil or other diluted essential oils Known to promote healing.

2. Peeling

Epsom salt can be used as an exfoliant to soften rough, cracked feet. Along with soaking your feet, massage a handful of Epsom salt into your skin for an extra boost.

3. Pain relief

Oral Epsom salt removes toxins from the body that can cause irritation, inflammation, and pain in the body. If you have a sore or callused foot, soak your feet regularly to reduce the pain.

4. Reduce bad odors

Any type of foot soak may help reduce odor and clean the feet. Keeping the feet clean and free of bacteria is beneficial for overall foot health.

Use foot salt

Soaking feet is more than just relaxing your feet in warm or hot water. What you add to the water is what makes a foot soak useful. The two main ingredients used in a foot soak are Epsom salt and vinegar. Here are ways to use salt for the feet: [2] Dissolve ½ cup of Epsom salt in a sink or bowl of warm water. Add tea tree oil or any other type of essential oil and Epsom salt, and then soak the feet in it for 20 minutes. Scrub the feet with enough Epsom salt for about 5 minutes, and after rinsing the feet, apply a moisturizing cream.

foot care routine   

Washing the feet is the first step in foot care, so you have to wash and clean them with the appropriate lotion, dry them well, and ventilate them. Wear appropriate socks, and avoid wool socks because they cause allergies and skin irritation, for people with sensitive skin. Exfoliating the feet and getting rid of dead skin around the toenails and at the heels, is one of the most important steps in foot care, and that is once every two weeks. In the step of getting rid of excess skin and trimming nails, you must use reliable, clean, and reliable machines when performing pedicures, especially in beauty salons; To prevent the transfer of microbes. After the pedicure stage and getting rid of the excess and dead skin, you must moisturize the feet, whether with creams for the feet deeply, or Vaseline, while wearing cotton socks over them. In winter, do not expose your feet directly to the heat of the heater; The skin is not exposed to dehydration and the blood vessels are not damaged. It also warns that the feet are exposed to hot water, with the need to wash them with lukewarm water.

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