Benefits of pomegranate peel for hair

 Benefits of pomegranate peel for hair



Pomegranate fruit is a round fruit characterized by its bright red color. It contains a large number of seeds surrounded by a delicious pulp. The seeds are usually eaten and juice is also prepared from them. Pomegranate provides the body with many health and aesthetic benefits, including brain health, immunity, hair, and skin, and women are reassured to eat it without concern because it is considered low in calories. ; Thus, you will not gain weight, and it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers necessary to promote healthy skin and hair, and pomegranate peels can also be used to prepare aesthetic recipes.

Benefits of pomegranate peel for hair

Pomegranate peel has recently been used for hair to benefit from it and exploit its medicinal properties because it contains antioxidants, infections, and bacteria in general.

Strengthening the durability of hair follicles and stimulating the flow of blood circulation thanks to the abundance of punic acid. Deep hydration of the scalp and clean it efficiently. Accelerate hair growth. Straighten curly hair and moisturize and dry it. Effectively eliminate hair loss. Treating dandruff and preventing its recurrence. It is a rich source of anti-inflammatory and antifungals, so it prevents the scalp from getting any diseases. Smoothing the hair and eliminating the problem of frizz and frizz.

Pomegranate peel mask to prevent hair loss

Pomegranate peels promote scalp health, treat infections and scattered dandruff, and thus improve the quality of hair follicles. This leads to its growth in the best condition, and to take advantage of that, the following can be followed:

Mix equal amounts of ground pomegranate peel with your hair oil. Apply the mixture to the hair roots while gently massaging the scalp. Leave the mixture on the scalp for two hours, then rinse the hair with water and a mild shampoo. For a better result, the mask can be kept on the hair throughout the night.

Pomegranate peel mask for hair growth

Pomegranate peel, whether dry or fresh, is a source of antioxidants that are effective in eliminating toxins accumulated on the scalp. Which weakens hair follicles, and can be regularly using the following recipe to strengthen hair follicles as follows:

Put the water on the fire until it boils well, then adds the dried pomegranate peels. Let the ingredients boil together for 10 minutes until the water takes on a new color. Remove the ingredients from the heat until they cool somewhat, then filter the water from the crusts. Pour pomegranate peel water into a spray bottle for easier use. Divide the hair into parts, then spray each section with pomegranate water, massaging gently. wait until the water is well absorbed; This contributes to the circulation of blood.

Pomegranate peel and henna for hair

Natural ingredients such as henna and pomegranate peel combine to provide the hair with great benefit and the desired aesthetic appearance and prepare the finest henna mixtures for hair coloring. sodium, etc., and it can be used as follows:

Mix half a cup of ground pomegranate peel and half a cup of red henna powder. Add a cup and a quarter cup of warm water to the dry ingredients while continuing to knead until homogeneous. Leave the mixture for 8 hours until it ferments well. Divide the hair into parts, then start applying the mixture from the roots towards the ends. Cover the head with a plastic cap for a minimum of 4 hours. Rinse hair with shampoo and warm water.

benefits of pomegranate

As for the pomegranate itself; It gives the whole body an abundance of benefits as follows:

Stabilize blood pressure levels within normal levels. Preventing blood clots thanks to its anti-oxidant punic acid and linoleic acid that prevents blood clotting. Promote blood circulation. Raising good cholesterol at the expense of bad cholesterol in the blood. Strengthen the immune system and enhance its ability to fight foreign bodies. Get better sleep when you take it at night. Sterilize the mouth and improve dental health thanks to its antibacterial properties. easy to lose excess weight; It curbs the appetite and burns fat super fast. Reduce the severity of damage caused by exposure to direct sunlight, such as dark spots and others. Boost the freshness of dull skin.

In conclusion, relying on natural ingredients in treating hair problems is better than resorting to chemical products, because they contain essential nutrients naturally without any harmful substances, so it is recommended to follow the recipes of pomegranate peel for hair and enjoy healthy hair full of vitality.

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