Benefits of ground cumin

Benefits of ground cumin 


Cumin has multiple benefits, as it is considered one of the natural herbs widely used in cooking, and it consists of many elements such as protein, fiber, antioxidants, fats, and carbohydrates. Cumin is used to get rid of intestinal diseases, and stomach and colon disorders, and there are many other benefits.

Cumin is a spice used for meals, and it is widely used in various countries of the world, especially for Mexican, Indian and African foods. It is abundant in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is available in the form of whole or powdered dried seeds and is added to many spice mixtures, such as curry powder.

Benefits of ground cumin

Cumin has many benefits, the most famous of which are:

Natural anti-inflammatory. Treats constipation and flatulence problems. Get rid of intestinal cramps, and stomach pain. Eliminate stress and fatigue for the body.

Benefits of ground cumin on an empty stomach

Here are some of the benefits of cumin when consumed on an empty stomach: [1]

Removing the problem of anemia, by containing iron. boosting immune system health; To reduce and reducing the incidence of influenza and colds. Remove germs and bacteria from the body, because it contains anti-bacterial properties. Activate liver function and detoxify it. Reduces abdominal pain and colic. Treats nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It eliminates insomnia problems. Helps get rid of urinary tract infections. Provides the body with sufficient energy. Treats ulcers available in the areas of the mouth. Treats asthma problems, coughing, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Removes phlegm from the lungs. Reduces throat infections. It prevents strokes or strokes.

Benefits of ground cumin for the body

Cumin contains many elements that benefit the body, the most important of which are

High Source of Iron: Cumin powder contains a high percentage of iron, which is beneficial for the growth of children, as well as girls and women as a result of the blood you lose during your period. It contains beneficial plant compounds, as it contains many plant compounds that help promote the health of the body, including antioxidant elements, such as terpenes, phenols, flavonoids, and alkaloids, as they work to eliminate chemicals that cause damage to the body. Treats diabetes, cumin helps treat diabetes, and controls the body\’s natural sugar level. Helps improve cholesterol in the blood. Eating cumin daily helps to get rid of triglycerides in the body, and lowers the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the body.

Benefits of ground cumin before bed

Many nutritionists prefer to drink one cup of boiled cumin drink and drink it before bed, because of its benefits, including:

It improves the digestion process of the body, especially for pregnant women and breastfeeding women, by strengthening the enzymes of carbohydrate digestion. It also eliminates the feeling of acidity and bloating that appears due to indigestion. Restore the normal pressure level, for cases of high blood pressure. Regulating the level of sugar in the blood, as cumin reduces the high sugar level in the body, to make it regular. Eliminate toxins from the liver, and promote its health. A natural diuretic, it works to get rid of belly fat, accumulated fat, and triglycerides in the body.

Benefits of ground cumin for diet

Cumin helps to reduce excessive body weight, as a study was conducted in 2014 showing its effectiveness in reducing body weight, especially for women who suffer from excess weight, by reducing body fat and cholesterol as well.

Benefits of ground cumin with honey

Powdered cumin contains multiple benefits that help get rid of skin defects and problems, such as acne and pimples, and promote its health, through the following:

the ingredients

30 gm of turmeric. 10 gm ground cumin. 10 gm apple cider vinegar. 10 gm of honey.

How to prepare:

Mix turmeric with cumin powder, apple cider vinegar, and honey well, to get a consistent and thick mixture. Apply all over the face. Leave on the skin for 20 minutes. Washes the face well. Repeat twice a week, or once, depending on skin type.

How to eat ground cumin

Ground cumin has multiple uses, as it is used to impart a delicious flavor and aroma to food due to its distinctive jet odor, by adding it to food, whether it is powder, in the form of seeds, or the form of oil, to make the food taste more delicious, in addition to the multiple benefits when adding these Foods, as it is added as a spice in Indian cooking, and is used in the preparation of curries, stews, soups, and other food products.

How to prepare cumin and lemon drink

Cumin and lemon drink contains multiple benefits that enhance the health of the body, and help gets rid of its problems, through the following:

the ingredients

One cup of water. One tablespoon of cumin. juice of one lemon.

How to prepare:

Boil water with cumin then leaves it for five minutes. Strain the cumin water, and put it in a clean cup. Add lemon juice to a cup of cumin, and mix the two ingredients well. This drink is consumed either lukewarm or cold.

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