Benefits and types of dancing to lose weight

 Benefits and types of dancing to lose weight


Dance is a form of expression and art for some. But it can also give you great weight loss results, as with your body still moving, choosing to dance to lose weight can help you reach your goal sooner than you think. All you have to do is get the best dancing shoes, Dancing to lose weight is a perfect workout for people who want to feel the journey of their fitness, that is exactly what the dance workout is all about.

Benefits of dancing to lose weight

Dancing is a high-intensity exercise

Dancing is a high-intensity interval training for cardiovascular endurance allowing a person to burn between 300-500 calories in a 50-minute class which sounds like 15 minutes.

Dancing helps tone the muscles

Dancing for an hour and keeping the core muscles tight while making big moves, ensures that most muscle groups are worked out. Try it once and you will feel slight muscle soreness in areas you didn\’t think you worked on before.

Mood dance

An instant mood booster, great music, and dance are the perfect combination to relieve stress, set the mood for a great day or evening, and make you smile. Good mental health and lower levels of cortisol are directly linked to faster weight loss.

Dancing does not require fitness

There is no pressure of right or wrong in dance fitness, we all have different approaches and styles. What matters is movement. No matter our dance level and missing a beat or two, every movement should be in tune with every part of our body.

Ease of doing dance exercises

If you are dancing to lose weight, you don\’t need to do complex movements one by one like a professional dancer does. The dance has very simple steps that are repeated many times in one song, if you miss the steps the first time, your chance of winning will return in 30 seconds and again in 30 seconds. The fourth time, you may have outgrown those moves better than the pro and practiced those absolutes.

Dancing makes you flexible

Not only are you smiling while doing this, but you are also encouraging yourself every time you take the right step. It strengthens every muscle in your body and makes you flexible as well.

How to lose weight by dancing

The amount of weight you lose by dancing depends entirely on the length and speed of the dance. Different dance styles have their unique tempo that regulates the calorie burn. Ballroom dances are often slow-paced and naturally expend fewer calories than more rigorous forms of dance such as hip-hop.

Also the calories you burn by dancing depend on your weight. A 180-pound person will burn more calories than a 140-pound person dancing for the same duration at the same intensity.

Best dance style to lose weight

rhythmic dance

It includes partner dance styles such as waltz, tango, rumba, etc. Ballroom dancing is usually slow and burns fewer calories than other intense dance styles. The style of dance helps in toning the muscles of the legs, torso, and back. It is also ideal for improving flexibility and balance. A 170-pound person can lose about 134 calories in 30 minutes of ballroom dancing.


Ballet is often not suitable for people with joint problems or a heavy body. There are different levels of it and if you are a beginner, you should start from the basic levels to avoid any injury. 30 minutes of ballet dancing will burn about 202 calories in a 170-pound person.

Oriental dance

Belly dancing is a fun way to exercise and also helps burn a large number of calories. It is a high-intensity exercise for the abdominal muscles and also strengthens the core, back, and leg muscles. The method is not easy but it is very effective as a calorie-burning exercise. Belly dancing is a great way to target belly fat.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a full-body exercise. Besides strengthening the muscles of the legs and core, it also improves balance, flexibility, and agility. Anyone who weighs 170 pounds can burn up to 235 calories in 30 minutes of hip-hop dancing.


 Zumba ​​is a fitness program and is highly effective in body slimming. This Latin-inspired, dance-based full-body workout includes high- and low-intensity dance moves that help burn calories. There are different forms of Zumba and there are also variations that include weight per session, which helps you spend more calories.

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