Bayern Munich vs Stuttgart – Bundesliga this season

Bayern Munich vs Stuttgart – Bundesliga this season


Stuttgart snatched a fatal draw during the match that brought it together with its counterpart Bayern Munich, today, Saturday, in the sixth round of the German League.

Bayern Munich advanced after 36 minutes of the match through Matisse Till, to end the first half with the Bavarian team advancing with a clear goal.

Stuttgart equalized during the second half, specifically in the 57th minute, with a goal by Chris Fehrish, then Bayern advanced again with a goal by Jamal Musiyala in the 60th minute, before Serho Gerassi turned the table with a second goal for Stuttgart from a penalty kick in the 90+2 minute.

Bayern Munich leads the German league standings temporarily, despite the draw, with a goal difference from Hoffenheim, who played six rounds, as well as Dortmund, and the same is true for Freiburg, which has the remaining match of the sixth round, while Stuttgart raised its score to point 5 in 13th place.


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