6 Tips To Help You Get Pregnant – Infertility

 6 Tips To Help You Get Pregnant – Infertility

Are you one of those couples who desperately try to have a baby but always fail miserably? Are you always longing to hold your flesh and blood in your arms and lull him to sleep with your soothing lullabies? Are you looking forward to having your children and raising them as responsible individuals? Are you worried that this may all remain just a dream? Well, if it offers any consolation, you are not alone in this sad situation.

For couples who desperately want to have a child, there are often no more sad words than infertility. While it would be true that about 85% of all couples trying to conceive manage to do so within a year, there are still some couples who have not been blessed with the same fate. Some couples simply cannot conceive. However, do not lose hope. Here are some helpful suggestions that will help you and your partner deal with infertility:

Get a physical exam. Well, you and your partner have decided that it is time to start your family. And a child, of your flesh and blood, would be the most welcome addition to the ending of the spectacle. To avoid the disappointments of waiting and to see if you can get pregnant as planned, it may make sense to have a thorough physical exam. You should make sure that there are no problems that may hinder pregnancy. Lumps or cysts within the pelvic area, vaginal infections, sexually transmitted diseases, fibroids, and endometriosis may cause infertility and will therefore be treated accordingly.

Quit smoking! Smoking may cause infertility so you better avoid it if you\’re planning to have a baby. Smoking can lower a man\’s sperm count and should likewise affect a woman\’s ability to conceive.

Say no to alcohol and medicines. A high alcohol intake and a history of substance abuse can cause infertility in both men and women. These habits can cause hormonal imbalances which will negatively affect a man or woman\’s reproductive abilities.

Take a better look at your medications. Many medications will cause infertility. Even some common medications like over-the-counter analgesics can get in the way by inhibiting ovulation and conception. To extend your chances of getting pregnant, it\’s going to be helpful to avoid taking medications for the time being. However, if you\’re taking some prescription medications at present, it might be wise to consult your doctor before you stop taking them.

Try to reduce your stress levels. In this technologically advanced society, stress is often a very daunting factor that may affect every aspect of your life. It can even affect your reproductive functions negatively and should inadvertently lead to infertility. Stress can affect your and your partner\’s libido, and it must affect your menstrual cycle.

Avoid using lubricants. Some vaginal lubricants will impair the sperm\’s ability to travel through the reproductive system and fertilize the precious egg at the end of the breed. So, if you are trying to get pregnant, be very careful using these products.

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