5 unconventional ways to travel around the world

5 unconventional ways to travel around the world


Adventures and unconventional travel methods are one of the most important and wonderful experiences, so instead of spending this time stuck in an airport or staring at a bus window, try one of the following travel methods for a more unique and exciting experience.

We\’ve created a list of 5 Unusual Ways to Travel Around the World for the more adventurous travel enthusiast, providing an out-of-the-box experience that\’s a little more than that of a regular economy plane.

1. Walking

Walking might not be the first method you consider when planning to travel around the world, but it was for Tom Turkish.

He left his home in New Jersey, USA in April 2015, and planned to walk for five years, crossing all seven continents. When a close friend of his died in his teens, Tom decided it was his mission in life to make every day count, which led to his decision to walk around the world.

Today, he still walks with Savannah\’s adopted pup, and you can follow their adventures on Instagram @theworldwalk.

2. Cycling

Another way to travel the world while working out is by cycling. When it comes to cycling and travel, there are quite a few different options.

The first – and most obvious – is simple enough: just get on your bike, ride, and go! There\’s more planning and logistics involved, but that\’s the basic premise. However, if you don\’t feel prepared enough for it, or seem a little lonely, many companies offer group cycling tours!

You can do this all over the world, including Europe, and it includes sightseeing and other tours like the one that revolves around cheese tasting!

3. Cargo ship

If the idea of ​​traveling on a cruise ship carrying 2,000 other passengers doesn\’t appeal to you, perhaps traveling on a cargo ship is a better option.

Cargo ships only offer room for about 12 passengers, and they can be a great way to see the world.

For example, cargo ships traveling from New Zealand to Singapore stop on most of the Pacific islands along the way, often for 2-3 days each.

4. Training

Train travel is a very popular way to get around, especially throughout Europe and Asia. However, there are also some unique trains, including a funicular in Germany.

For a real-world example of train travel, check out the adventures of Temujin Dorian, photographer, traveler, and filmmaker. Decide to travel around the world without using an airplane, and that includes travel by train and cargo ships. You can follow him on @studiocanoe on both Instagram and YouTube.

5. Hot air balloon

If you want to avoid the lineups, smells, and cramped seats of standard air travel, try flying in a hot air balloon. You can not only enjoy the feeling of the wind on your face but also ensure a great view no matter where your flights take you.

While Turkey is perhaps the most popular hot air balloon destination, you can also float over the Loire Valley, check out the mountains in Gstaad, Switzerland, and even see the big animals in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

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